Karina Yu: Toastmaster of the Evening

Charlotte Qi: Ah Counter

Kevin Tsai: Timekeeper and Language Evaluator

Tionist Li: Workshop presenter

Pitch idea presenter

Mark Young: Pitch idea presenter

Charlotte Qi: Pitch idea presenter

An enthralling meeting!

Prepared speaker: Matthew Ong

Prepared speaker: Sergii Molchanov

Prepared speaker: Alexander Ip

Best pitch idea presenter and best evaluator: Mark Young

Best prepared speech: Alexander Ip

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

ChangeMakers Toastmasters Club Meeting – “Sustainability” was super exciting, engaging and fun! Karina Yu was our charming TME of the night, we got inspiring and insightful leadership and innovation sharing by Tionist Li on how to perform a pitch presentation. There were meaningful and entertaining speeches by Matthew Ong, Sergii Molchanov, and Alexander Ip, and world class evaluations by Grace Tsoi, Mark Young, and Sergii Molchanov.

Best Pitch Idea: Mark Young
Best Evaluator: Mark Young (again!)
Best Speaker: Alexander Ip

Everyone is welcome to join our upcoming meetings in June:
💡June 8th 12:30 – “It Takes a Village”
💡June 22nd 18:30 – “Perfection”
💡July 13th 12:30 – “Foresight”

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