You are very welcome to come along to ChangeMakers as a guest as often as you like. While you are a guest, you will get to see how the club works, see, hear and meet some great speakers and even participate in Pitch Idea (impromptu speaking!) You will get most value by joining the club and participating in the Competent Communicator program and Competent Leadership program. The club is affiliated to Toastmasters International, but funded and run by our members. We would love you to join the ChangeMakers – and this is a simple guide to the process.

1. Fill in the application form

For online, please complete the Membership Application Form. Alternatively, at our meetings, one can be found from our Vice President of Membership. Please complete the attached application form, including your telephone and email address. Then email it to our Vice-President of Membership at Or, just hand the form to any committee member at one of our scheduled meetings.

2. Make a payment by direct transfer, or by cheque or by cash (see section 3 below for how much to pay)

  • Direct transfer to HSBC a/c 819 662883 833. If you do this please email to our Vice-President of Membership, Frederick Poon, at to let us know you have made the transfer! Please ensure that your surname is mentioned so that we know it is you who paid!
  • Issue a cheque payable to “Frederick Poon” and give it to Frederick during the next meeting.
  • Pay in cash.

    3. Find out what is your membership fee:

    You pay a one-off Joining Fee of HK$ 200 and a Membership Fee which depends on the length of membership. SPARK members of Science Park may enjoy a discount. The
    Membership Fee runs to the end of the following September.

    Membership type and duration One-off Joining Fee Membership Fee Total Payable
    Standard 1-year HK$ 200 HK$ 1,600 HK$ 1,400
    Standard 6-month HK$ 200 HK$ 800 HK$ 1,000
    SPARK member 1-year HK$ 200 HK$ 1,200 HK$ 1,400
    SPARK member 6-month HK$ 200 HK$ 600 HK$ 800

    You only pay the Joining Fee once. The Joining Fee covers your registration with Toastmasters International and a New Member Pack that comprises of: your Competent Communicator manual (this contains details and tips for of all ten speeches) and your Competent Leadership manual. These are sent from the USA – it takes a few weeks to receive them. To get you started, we will give you some guidance notes and even assign a club mentor to you! The Membership Fee covers the costs of the club which is largely the money we pay for soft drinks and refreshments, website maintenance and club promotion. This club is run on a voluntary and not-for-profit basis by members, for members.

    After submission the application form, our Vice President for Membership will contact you with further details about completing your application and membership fee payment.

    If you have any other queries about membership please email our Vice-President of Membership, Frederick Poon, at